10.72TR Therapeutic bed

Electric height adjustable


Reverse Trendelenburg

Sidely right and left tilting

Using the columns singly it’s possible to obtain Trendelenburg or Reverse Trendelenburg movements (until 20° in the 2 directions) depending if you operate the footboard or headboard area. Bed bottom sidely tilting from 0° to 20°both rightwards and leftwards with movements controlled by electric actuators. The possibility of Reverse Trendelenburg movement jointed to the movement of side tilting, right or left, represents an important solution applicable to patients suffering antidecubitus sores or having breathing problems. Indeed thanks to the possible inclinations of our bed are avoided compressions and it is allowed to the pulmonary alveolus to “open”.

All the functions of each movement operate by “constant pressure” type handset: the electronic system is complete with buffer batteries which operate in case of black out.

Dim. cm 210x104x40+40h bed bottom.

Load capacity 230 kg. Conforms to the Rules EN 12182 and EN 60601-2-52.

Using the bed 10.72TR it is suggested to use the depression selfmolding mattress STABILO GRANDE

“All the movements of Trendelenburg, Reverse Trendelenburg, right and left tilting, included the degrees of inclination, must be performed in times and ways following the medical prescription”.

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