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Aluminium frame compact and reducible for the transport. Padded backrest, seating and backrest bottom tensioning adjustable. Backrest adjustable in inclination until 12° and in height until + 8 cm, completely forwards folding for space saving during the transport. Seat forwards adjustable in depth until + 6 cm and in inclination until 12°.

Side panels made of composite materials, adjustable in height and removable. Footrests made of duraluminium, adjustable in height and angle, with padded calfrest. Front puncture proof wheels Ø 100 mm on duraluminium forks with holes for the adjustment Ø front wheels; rear light alloy wheels Ø 600 mm, pneumatic and with quick release.

Side structure for support of the rear wheels with locations for the changement of the depth; system for the adjustment of the convergence and of the camber from 0° to 5° of the rear wheels on request. Seating adjustable in height from 44 to 50 cm with tilting from +14° to -4°.

Available sizes: 38 - 40 -42 - 44 - 46 - 48 - 50 - 52 -54 - 56 cm.

Max Load kg 140.

Registered model.