10.77T200 TOWER LIFT

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The Tower Lift is the dynamic and complete solution for the moving of patients in safety, thanks to its stability.

The column allows a stroke in height of 110 cm approximately. It is possible to pick up a patient from the floor. The hanger where are hooked the slings allows to rotate the patient but it doesn't tilt during the moving.

Tower Lift is a lifter with vertical electric moving, also the leg opening is electric, all is feeded on low tension at 24V by a telecommand complete with battery box, electronic system and battery charger and it satisfies all the safety standards forecasted by the Rule 10535 UNI EN ISO.

Slings on sizes: L-XL-XXL. Max load kg 200.

Available slings:

  • ART. 15.95A Slings for bilateral amputated.
  • ART. 15.95A-RT/LF Slings for unilateral amputated.
  • ART. 15.95 Hammock slings with head support.
  • ART. 15.95E Slings with under axilla catch and slings for the legs.
  • ART. 15.94 Stretcher slings.
  • ART. 13.07T Dynamometer with hanger.
  • ART. 15.93T Articulated hanger for tower lift.
  • ART 15.95T Wrapping up sling for articulated hanger