900110 Electric bathtub lifter

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Bathtub lifter, structure made of composite and aluminium materials with PU seat and contact components. System of seat height adjustment from 6,5 to 45 cm by panthograph system placed under the seat operated by the electric actuator IP66 at low tension at 12V DC. Backrest reclining for 40° which becomes operative once the lifter is completely lowered. 4 suckers at the base to fix the lifter at the bathtub. Floating handset connected to the actuator by quick release connector IP66, control buttons type “constant pressure” (EN ISO 10535), visual indicator of the battery charge status and switch off button. Batteries inserted directly in the handset to simplify the recharge operations without moving the lifter. Seat side rails supplying a wide laying base during the transfer of the patient and closing during the lowering of the bathtub. The assembling and installation are by quick release without need of tools. All the materials used are hypoallergenic and atoxic.

User load capacity until kg.140.

Aid in conformity to the Rule EN 10535 - 12182